Day 75: You Belong Among The Wildflowers

Mile reached: 1590.8 (+30.6)

High: Distracted with wildflowers in the morning

Low: I wanted to bag a P2k a few miles off the trail, but it looked like it would be a bushwhack that would cut me up.

The morning ran a little behind schedule. I was sleeping on an air mattress, but it was cold enough at night that my body heat wasn’t sufficient to keep it warm. So, I was curled up under my quilt waiting for the sun or a fire. Thankfully, my mom rekindled the fire and made me breakfast!

We said brief goodbyes, and I was off down trail. From the highway it was a moderate climb up into the Trinity Alps Wilderness, but it was still cool making for pleasant hiking. All throughout the morning there were views of the glaciated high peaks of the Trinity Alps to the south. On the hillsides that the trail traversed there were numerous wildflowers of all colors. Slowing down to pick interesting or beautiful flowers, I amassed a little bouquet on my pack.

These mountains definitely were the most scenic of the past week or two.
The Trinity Alps in the distance

Eventually, I ran into three hikers that I had met the previous day, who immediately exclaimed that they half expected to find Levi coming up right behind me! They thanked me again for yesterday’s trail magic and expressed how much they all liked Levi. “Songbird” also laughed when she saw my flowers and pointed it out in whispers to “Five Star” and “Mad Dog”. I guess it was a good thing I already had a name, because I wouldn’t want them calling me “Tiger Lily” or something. 😉

That group caught me a bit later after lunch when I stopped to take advantage of 4G signal. I had actually read a blog back in 2016 while I was thinking about the trail, and they all featured prominently in it. They were pretty excited with the coincidence, and “Five Star” even had a laminated cutout of the person that authored the blog. So, he had me take a photo with him and the cutout. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that I would see them on the trail again. They were trying to complete parts that they missed in 2016 and only started at I-5, so they were going much slower than all the thru-hikers.

It wasn’t all rock as there were some beautiful meadows

The rest of the day was quite warm with significant ups and downs. I slowly caught various people that had shown up at the trail magic the day before. As it was getting dark, I arrived at the only campsite for miles. “Sunshine” was there by himself, and seemed happy to let me join him. The mosquitoes swarmed us, but oddly they didn’t land. I optimistically interpreted that as a stroke of luck and not indication of some metabolic issue.

Much of the forest in the Russian Wilderness had recently burned.
Rockfall on the trail. I’d hate to be near that when those flakes were coming down.
Russian Peak, an unconquered P2k

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