Day 59: And It’s Gone

Mile reached: 1140.9 (+34.5)

High: Gorgeous views of the lake from wildflower covered ridges

Low: Phone died

As I was waking up I grabbed my phone to check the time, but I discovered that it had shorted in the night. Since I could see the condensation on the camera lens, my best guess was that it got so cold that the little bit of moisture that got through the case condensed and killed it.

In spite of not having a camera the day was absolutely gorgeous. The morning was spent wandering through lakes in the Desolation Wilderness. It’s a popular location, so I even ran into a few weekend backpackers and one or two dogs with packs.

Much to my surprise water was also less frequent and it started to feel much hotter. This was a bad combination, because I couldn’t tell how far it would be until the next water source. I did run into “Puma” and a few other hikers, who were able to give me some guidance on what was ahead.

Hiking without information on the trail was also quite a different experience and was pleasant in a way. I didn’t know what the landmarks were, so I had no real way to measure progress. Instead I could only really focus on what was around me. The wildflowers were phenomenal in particular. The trail climbs high onto ridges cutting through the Alpine Meadows and Squaw ski resorts. Tahoe could prominently be seen most of the day contrasting against the yellows and purples of the flowers covering the grassy ridges.

The hope was to end my day far enough north that I could reach Truckee the following morning. However, not knowing how many miles ahead the highway was made it difficult to determine when to stop. Eventually, I just called it late in the evening when I found a somewhat windy and very flat campsite. It also happened to be mosquito free!

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