Day 58: When Mosquitoes Attack

Mile reached: 1106.4 (+15.7)

High: Electric scooters

Low: Mosquitoes and the tragedy that ensued

While I had planned on taking a zero, circumstance conspired against me. Early in the morning, I moseyed down to the office to add another night. However, I was informed that there was no room, since it was the weekend. If I wanted, I could pay to cowboy camp on their lawn. Hard pass. Frustratingly, right after me another hiker came to add another night to their stay. No problem. Apparently, all you needed to do was mention that you might want to stay another day at check-in and they would put in a no fee reservation for the following day. On the bright side, the clerk told me that he regularly sees hikers get sucked into Tahoe and stay for week or more. So, by leaving I would avoid that vortex.

After a quick morning resupply, “Baywatch” decided to join me back to the trail. Of course the mode of transportation was scooter! It took around an hour, but we cruised across town and got about as far as the scooters would operate. Then, we had to hitch. Before too long, a couple living out of their van picked us up and drove us back to the trail. They had recently become vegetarians and had Mountain House meals they were getting rid of. So, we gladly accepted them.

I got on trail late in the day and the sun was already intense, but I was feeling good and knocked out miles. It also helped that the Desolation Wilderness was spectacular. Though, this beauty was marred by hordes of ravenous mosquitoes. Late in the day, I was attempting to get water and fend off the mosquitoes harrying me when calamity struck. I forgot to take my phone out of my pocket and slipped on a rock sending it into the creek. I rescued it quickly, and it seemed surprisingly dry. It even operated normally!

So, I pushed on over the last big pass on the trail. The hope was that the north side would be mosquito free and that I could cross the snow while it was still soft. Both of those proved to be true, and I found a pleasant spot to camp in the trees above a lake in the north side.

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