Day -1: Obligatory Pack Shakedown

With one day left to go I’m surprisingly far away from having all of the logistics situated. I have little idea what I’m going to eat, where I’m going to mail myself resupply, or what audiobooks I’m going to put on my phone. At this point I’m pretty much going to have to wing those things i.e. I’ll go to Walmart and just pick food out and download something when I’m bored and have Wi-Fi.

The only food item I picked out in advance!

However, I did successfully get all of my non-consumable gear picked out after spending an agonizingly long amount of time counting grams. My starting base-weight will be 9 lb 0.3 oz! I’ve had a chance to use much of the gear prior to my start, so I’m feeling reasonably comfortable with this setup. I like using a quilt, and the water filter setup works well. It’s basically the same weight as carrying Aquamira, and I don’t have to worry about floaties in the water. I’m less confident about not bringing pants other than a windshell. I guess there is only one way to find out.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of my gear.

I’m also carrying a satellite phone, because my employer worked out an arrangement to keep me on as a contractor and take occasional calls on the trail. However, I can’t bare to count those 7 oz as part of my base-weight.

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