Day 57: Ticket To Ride

Mile reached: 1090.7 (+16.8 + 1.5 bonus)

High: Electric scooters

Low: We couldn’t find scooters on the way back from Nevada, so we had to walk.

I woke up early, because I wanted to crush the few miles and get into Tahoe plenty early. The sunrise was beautiful from my makeshift perch above the valley and as a bonus the morning climb was cut in half. Though, as I approached the pass there was an icy snowfield with substantial exposure. I muttered under my breath that I’d wished I’d gone further with “Baywatch” the day before, but regardless I crossed safely.

The view from camp in the morning
Not only will they eat your food, but they can kill you too…

Quickly, I reached Carson Pass which had a major highway crossing it. Interestingly, I met a woman on a bike, who had come all the way from Virginia. She only had two days left to the Pacific, which left me wondering what that must feel like. I wasn’t even halfway.

Beautiful lakes on the way down
I considered trying to bathe in this one, but there were way too many mosquitoes.
Another lake, but not THE lake.

By midmorning, I caught “Baywatch”, who was just plodding along. We ended up hiking together all the way to Echo Summit and the highway to South Lake Tahoe. On the way, we ran into Zoom, whom I was never supposed to meet again. Hah, what does Zoom know?

The hitch from the highway was difficult, because the cars were moving so fast. After half an hour, an employee from Sierra-at-Tahoe pulled up and gave us a lift to town. Since he managed the food account for the resort he even had Gatorades to give us! But, he couldn’t take us all the way to the hostel near the state line, where the hostel was. However, he suggested that we find these bike share electric scooters and take them the 3 miles to the border. So much fun!

“Baywatch” had also been talking about on the trail how he wanted sushi. As luck would have it, there was all you can eat sushi place just a few miles away. Score! We showed up there for lunch without showering and proceeded to gorge ourselves. I suspect the waitress was happy to get rid of us. On the way back we wanted to ride the scooters, but they weren’t where they were supposed to be, and we had to walk.

In the evening we went on the hunt to score free food. A local pizza place at the Heavenly Village makes free pizzas for thru-hikers. Since it was the weekend, we had to wait a while, but it was worth it. We also got a chance to hang out with “Duckie” and “Puma” out front. Quite a few people at the hostel were hanging out till late in the evening, but I crashed early and hard.

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