Day 45 & 46: Picture Yourself On A Boat In A Lake

Mile reached: 878.7 (+0.1 + 1.5 bonus)

High: Finally reaching VVR with time to spare. Getting there has been a goal for hundreds of miles.

Low: Getting anxious from watching trail friends leave and feeling like I was falling behind

I intentionally woke up late and took a leisurely morning trying to dry my groundsheet out. The morning ferry wasn’t supposed to leave until 9:45 am, so I had plenty of time. Ironically, if I had hurried a bit faster I could have caught an earlier ferry. The big ferry was broken, so VVR was running numerous trips in a smaller boat.

The Mono Creek bridge was one of the coolest looking on the trail thus far.
Yay! The ferry is coming!

Upon reaching VVR, we were directed over to the camp office where VVR’s infamous tab system was explained. It’s a small campground with a few trailers and a yurt. There is also a surprisingly decent restaurant and a little store. Because all charges end up on a tab, it’s easy to spend a hundred or so dollars in just a day or two.

I spent most of my time lounging around meeting new people or catching up with those that I had met in the prior few days. Of particular interest, “Breaker” and “Gently Used” rolled in and were delivered a note left by “Shades”. Namely, he had gone ahead to Mammoth and would wait for them there.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with a guy named “Zoom” (he did 39 miles the first day). But, when we went in to get dinner, we discovered that all the of steak was gone! “Breaker” and a few others had each eaten two, and so the restaurant had run out. They were quite proud of this and repeatedly rubbed it in.

I also thought that I had finally run into Lucas again and even greeted his doppelganger! It turns out that Steve had never heard of Lucas, but agreed that it wouldn’t be hard to mistake the two of them after seeing a photo of Lucas.

Evening festivities involved hanging around a campfire until the generator turned off. At which point people slowly wandered over to their tents to sleep.

Most of my second day at VVR was similar to the first. Namely, it was spent on the patio with a beer in hand.

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