Day 38: “No Hurry!” Said The Carpenter

Mile Reached: 788.5 (+0.0)

High: Not doing any miles

Low: Not doing any miles

I hadn’t originally planned on coming out the previous day, but there was some confusion on when I needed to reach Vermillion Valley Resort. However, it turned out that my original timetable would be fine, so I now had an unexpected zero in Independence with my dad! (Well, being in Independence wasn’t particularly exciting.)

The day was spent lazily, much of it on the patio in the shade with my dad. My dad had actually brought the scale I weighed myself on before I started. Turns out I’ve lost around six pounds, which is more than I’d like but not terrible. So, I tried to eat as much as I comfortably could. JD had also generously sent some beers, which I enjoyed.

In the evening, I got to sleep later than I would have liked due to problems syncing my Inreach. Garmin’s software actually threw out a stacktrace in the UI even after doing a factory reset. I got it working ok, but actually getting it fixed may be a hassle.

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