Day 15: Go West, Young Man

Mile reached: 278.4 (+12.3)

High: Continuing the next stretch with friends

Low: Saying goodbye to “Dino Man” and “Moon Guy”

The morning was amusing. Several of us slept fine, but we discovered that a few others did not. In particular, “Dino Man” and “Moon Guy” were in a bunk room that they shared with someone, who came back late and blackout drunk. He woke up in the middle of the night, but didn’t make it to the bathroom. Rather, he found someone’s hiking shoes instead. So, they spent the early morning dealing with that. I had extra appreciation that I instead had shared a room with people I knew.

Anyway, those of us that were leaving got our gear together and caught a ride back to the trail at 11. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to “Dino Man” and “Moon Guy”, because the later had injured his leg and needed to rest for several days. A trowel fell out of my pack on the drive out, but luckily Jenna spotted it. So, the driver was able to circle back and recover it.

Back on the PCT

The day was short and easy. Interestingly, the trail now goes largely west rather than north. This is because it follows the transverse ranges to their junction with the Sierra Nevada. I guess this had the advantage the climbs in the afternoon now will be partially shaded!

We ended up taking a long lunch break at the only water source encountered the entire day, which was a mostly stagnant pool. During this break due to protests from Megan, we decided that she could be “DN” instead. (Those of us that are willing to go the extra mile still use her true name though.) Since it’s an acronym, it opens up the option to coin new names for her. So for the moment, Jenna has been calling her “Drunken Noodle”, though I’m not quite sure why — we’re probably all high on some endogenous compounds.

Another fire closure! Fortunately, this one was just a few miles.
“Tall Boy” and others finally getting packed up

It took forever to finally round everyone up to go the last 3.7 miles, but we made it. Though, once at camp the temperature started to drop and with the wind it got cold fast. We were all in our sleeping bags before the sun set dreaming of the hot springs just a day or so away.

Huge Pinyon were scattered throughout the forest.
Clouds were seen at the end of the lake, and we were glad that we were not in them and still had the sun.

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