Day 10: The Idyllwild Vortex

Mile reached: 183.5 (+ 6.3 alternate)

High: Seeing a bunch of familiar faces

Low: All the tuna fish in oil packets were gone!

The plan again was to wake up early and beat the heat, so I was out of camp a little after 5. Due to some bad information I took the wrong trail out of the campground. But, I quickly found the correct one and was on my way to Idyllwild. I watched the sunrise and enjoyed the cool morning air. The same terrain the previous day had been brutal in the afternoon sun.

About a mile and a half outside of town I stopped for a while and made breakfast on the side of a dirt road. Just as I was finished eating a thru-hiker came around the corner much to my surprise. (I didn’t know there was anyone else out here.) As he drew closer I realized that it was Eric, a Canadian I had run into a number of times! As an aside, he is super Canadian nice. Later we would go to a coffee shop where some twenty something women from the coast would cut in front of him. He just muttered “Oh ok, eh” and let them go. Anyway, after catching up we set off to turn together.

It was still before 9, but the Idyllwild Inn was open. So, we looked our heads in to get rooms. Even though it was Sunday, there was only one cabin left, so we split it. We ended up talking to the innkeeper, Chris, for about an hour and learned all sorts of things about town.

The center of town has some big Sequoias.
Apparently, there is a dog mayor owned by an eccentric woman, who parades him around town every weekend.

Luckily, Chris was able to give us our cabin early, and we were able to make ourselves slightly presentable. Throughout the day, all the hiker trash were doing their laundry. I saw one girl wearing nothing but her tent’s rain fly. I at least had a wind jacket and pants. Most of the day was spent running various errands and figuring out the resupply. There was a lot of competition for certain items. I got the last bag of Cheetos. Most energy bars were gone, and I couldn’t find the tuna fish I wanted.

My resupply. I bagged lots of stuff to reduce weight and make the food more compact.

In the late afternoon, we went out to grab a beer. While walking around the brewery, I spotted 5 other hikers, who started with me. Eric and I joined them, and the night slipped away aided by beer and wine. We all still made it to bed right around hiker midnight though.

We were loud and obnoxious and even got the live blues band to start playing gospel music.

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