Day 89 & 90: Every One Of Us Has All We Need

Mile reached: 1983.7 (+7.5 + 0.1 bonus)

High: Beer in Bend with good company

Low: It was very hot, and being in the sun was undesirable.

We all slept in a little bit, but got going a little after 6 am. Since it was pretty much all downhill to the highway, the morning hike was beautiful. At least until we hit the lava rocks. The last mile or so was complete bullshit, and we all concluded that it would have been better to just hike directly to the highway and walk along it to the crossing.

North and Middle Sister behind us illuminated in the morning light.
Lava rocks and the volcanic peaks ahead of us including Mount Hood!
The last water for quite a ways, but fortunately we would get off trail in a few miles.

We reached the highway and discovered that there was hardly any traffic, so it would take some effort to hitch. The decision was to walk back toward something marked as an observatory on the map. In actuality it turned out to be something more like a tower that belonged in Mordor. “Gandalf” quipped that he would not help destroy the ring, because he was going to get shitfaced in Bend instead.

Unfortunately, all of the vehicles were traveling to the Oregon coast and couldn’t help us out. Various tourists did, however, give us food and beverages. After waiting about an hour, a truck pulled up and gave us a ride to Sisters, where we easily got a hitch into Bend.

Why are you touching me? Can’t you tell how dirty I am?
What to do about the 5 lb tub of red vines?

Once in town we immediately made a beeline for a brewery. Of course, “Gandalf” ordered a beer named Viscous Mosquito and toasted “Fuck Oregon”. We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking until “Extra Miles”, “Dunks”, and “Watson” showed up. They had arranged for us to stay with a trail angel, so we got showers and settled in there.

The following day was a bit more productive. I got a one day resupply taken care of and ate plenty. The evening was occupied with more eating and drinking. At one point, I had the Vladimir Poutine, which did not live up to the name. After a late night, I scored the hammock at the trail angel’s house and had an excellent night’s sleep!

Apparently, my hat is pretty cool.
It was hot, and I subconsciously put the trash in hiker trash.

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